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Agenda Schedule - December 13, 2016






December 13, 2016
02:30 PM
03:00 PM


Justin Garrett - Q.Digital
Justin Garrett

Chief Revenue Officer


Connecting to LGBTQ’s via Publisher Partners, Influencers & Branded Content


03:00 PM
03:30 PM


Auston Matta - TwoBadTourists.com / Outfluential.com
Auston Matta

TwoBadTourists.com / Outfluential.com


10 Practical Tips for Working with LGBT Influencers
The new media revolution is shifting the power of content publication to individuals rather than producers, editors or large publishers. This session will explore practical tips on how you can successfully identify and recruit online influencers to execute a campaign to promote your brand or business to a desired and targeted LGBT audience. We’ll explore suggestions on how to design the perfect campaign with the right influencers while avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls.


03:30 PM
04:00 PM


Josh Rimer -
Josh Rimer


Reaching the LGBT market through YouTube in 2017
YouTube is constantly changing in terms of what is being watched, who is watching, and how they're watching. Get yourself up to date on the latest trends and smartest ways to reach the LGBT community through YouTube to ensure your brand is standing out from among the 400+ hours of content that is uploaded every hour. From creating your own content to leveraging influencers, YouTube is the place to be, reaching more 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the US.


04:00 PM
05:00 PM


Matt Skallerud - Pink Banana Media
Matt Skallerud

Pink Banana Media


Hey Las Vegas, Do You Speak Twitter [and Instagram]?
Join us as we review some of the latest in social media marketing today… most of us are comfortable and familiar posting on Facebook. But unless you’re paying to boost your post, your options are limited in ensuring your Facebook post gets seen. We review the basics of Twitter, including best practices when creating a post. We’ll be covering hashtags, Twitter Lists, @symbol connections to other profiles and so much more, including a review of what is happening today on #GayVegas, #GayLasVegas and the recent #LasVegasGayPride. Since the language of Instagram is so similar to Twitter, we’ll be covering this as well. We’ll also be discussing how hashtags and trends are becoming a stronger part of search results in 2017 as well. Lastly, we'll be touching on the world of LGBT influencers, including a case study of how Palm Springs capitalized on some powerful lesbian influencers with the Dinah Shore event earlier this year.


05:00 PM
05:30 PM


Damian Pelliccione - Revry.TV
Damian Pelliccione



Beyond YouTube: The Rise of Premium Digital Platforms
Damian Pelliccione presents an overview of the current landscape of digital content distribution platforms. From the ‘YouTube era’ of influencer marketing through to the development and expansion of dedicated, niche OTT apps, Damian will present compelling evidence for why savvy advertisers should be turning to the future of marketing: niche, segmented apps.